Believe It and Behave It:
How to Restart, Reset,
and Reframe Your Life

This was, by far, the most difficult – and most important – piece I have ever written: my book.

Kate Harvie - Believe It and Behave It

On February 12, 2009 I suffered a traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI.

There was concern that I would not survive. I did, obviously, and what followed were several years of messes, miracles, and meaning.

Once I was “better,” I realized that everything I had learned, and was still learning, could be useful to others.


Brené Brown said (at an event in February 2018), “Trauma is trauma.”


I knew that I was not the only one who faced crises, setbacks, and traumas and didn’t know what to do.

I could appreciate the hurt, confusion, and regret felt by people who lost their jobs, declared bankruptcy, and left abusive relationships (among other things).

I knew how frustrating, confusing, and devastating it felt when friends and colleagues “moved on.”

I was someone who once lived in a rabbit hole of self-doubt, assumption, and fear.

And I had learned how to face, battle, and conquer them. So I wrote about my experiences, framing them with candor and clarity, holding nothing back.

To recover from trauma, we need a blueprint. This blueprint helps you formulate, activate, and live your comebacks.

That is why I wrote Believe It and Behave It: How to Restart, Reset, and Reframe Your Life. I wrote it for me, for you, and for everyone.

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Media and Interviews

Karen Hunter Show
on SiriusXM (Urban View, Ch. 126)

Before people were called “serial entrepreneurs,” there was Karen Hunter, author, journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner.  To be a guest on her top-rated SiriusXM show feels like a gift. Her show (Monday-Friday 3-6pm EST, Urban View, Channel 126) and her podcast are two of the most meaningful ways to get news today.

June 26, 2019 – Karen, Marvet Britto, and I talked about brand authenticity in the celebrity world and the real world. I shared my thoughts about second acting, intention and perception, and how what we mean to do is the only thing we can control.

January 16, 2019 – During my first appearance on the show, Karen, Lurie D. Favors, and I spoke about making sense when the who we are and how we are different. I shared one of my hacks for flipping failure, and we discussed how asking for help is not only smart, it’s necessary.

Support Is Sexy Podcast
with Elayne Fluker

I was very grateful to be a guest on multimedia expert and entrepreneurial leader Elayne Fluker’s popular iTunes podcast, we broke down how life doesn’t throw things at us, it throws to us. Sharing the medical details and how I ended up living with my parents, Elayne drew from me the backstory, how I came to appreciate humble and gratitude, and my five tips for surviving and thriving after trauma.

Good Day Philadelphia
Interview on Fox 29 WTXF

Sitting down with Good Day Philadelphia’s terrific anchors Alex Holley and Thomas Drayton, we discussed what happened the day I was hurt, the immediate aftermath, and what is my book supposed to do, among other things.

Late Night with
Karen Taylor Bass Podcast

Speaking with PR Expert and media coach Karen Taylor Bass about resilience and my second act, I shared why I wrote my first book, including where the title came from. Touching on “the dark and the heart” and how I made my comeback, nothing was held back during our conversation.

What Readers Say About Believe It and Behave It

Kate Harvie shares a journey that could change your life. The number of "Oh wow" ideas, quotes, and mindset guidance you will highlight, and find yourself coming back to every day, is huge here. While the book is not long, the impact it can have - if you're ready to be honest with and value yourself - can be infinite.

Bryan FalchukBest-selling Author, Do a Day

There is much self-awareness, forgiveness and generosity for others in this book, an expression of a truly gifted, hard to label author who heals with her words and the conscious reframing of her nearly fatal accident. Read it. It will shift your perspective on friendship and family.

Sheila LewisCo-author, Spanda Cards for the Entrepreneurial Spirit

I don’t often feel like I need the inspirational advice of others, but there are countless moments in this book that re-invigorated my spirit and passion to push through some of the struggles I face in life. Definitely have a highlighter handy.

Taji AqibHip Hop Artist, Philosopher, Philanthropist

Kate paints this picture of her struggle with a traumatic brain injury, something I can't say I have experienced. But I was able to connect with her story and find much more we have in common than when I first began the book. Kate's writing gets to the heart of the message and she says it like it should be said, without a filter.

Jordan John BrawnerCEO & Partner, Little Spider Creations, Multimedia Artist

Believe It and Behave It is a poignant, moving, and compelling piece of nonfiction that will help, inspire and captivate its readers from the very start until the very end.

Aimee AnnRed Headed Book Lover
Kate Harvie - Author

Kate Harvie is a strategist and marketer. She wears candor like a fragrance, and has worked in big business, small business, and startups. As director, communications and strategy for The Vanderbilt Republic, she creates digital content and develops brand experiences, and she writes, interviews, and content creates for non-profits, new business, and artists. And she’s working on becoming a Trauma Whisperer.

Buy the book from any of the retailers below. Email her at to discuss speaking engagements, workshopping, and interviews.

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