Your words and your story are how you show up in the world, and how you claim your place.

I’m Kate. I take your content and your brand on journeys to the soul and back. So when the pages are published, all that’s there is the truest essence of you and the truth about what you do.

Kate Harvie

This game is about soul. Bearing it, putting it out there for the world to adore, to marvel at, to beg for.

It’s about the high notes and the low ones.

It’s about peeling away every layer to expose the cashmere you are.

That’s what I do.

We live in a truly multi-sensory world. Digital made that so. What we hear, see, and read impact how we feel. So many stories to tell. I write your story in ways that amplify you and engage, excite, and inspire your audience.

About Me

Who I am. Why you’ll want to work with me…or talk about movies, makeup, and music.

Work With Me

I believe that life is lived with Three D’s – Define, Design, Divine.
I can help you with one, some, or all.

Writing Samples

Yes, there are lot of them. 🙂 Chances are there’s something here that will light your fire, make you laugh, or make you think.


Architecture – in your imagination – and Execution – in your activity. We all have a book in us. I hope that mine will – through candor and truth – prompt people to step out, step up, and shine.

Ready to get started?

“I initially met Kate Harvie because she was interviewing me for a write up for The Hip Hop Museum’s digital newsletter. When the newsletter came out, I was blown away by the elegance and fluidity of her writing skills. Within a month, I asked her to help me re-write my bio, and write a review for my newest book. I am truly grateful for Kate’s writing and copywriting abilities!!!”
- T. Eric Monroe

T. Eric Monroe,

"Working with Kate to create website and newsletter-friendly blurbs for our business was a pleasure. With a keen eye for story and ability to weave meaningful narratives, she identified new ways and reimagined existing ones to connect with our audience. Kate works with spirit, translating the difficult expression of a brand's DNA, or soul, into a language that is approachable, unassuming, imaginative, true, and impactful. Her enthusiasm and encouragement are like water to a wilted leaf and we would love to work with her again and again." - Matthew Puntigam

Matthew Puntigam, Founder, Dandy

"Kate Harvie is a clear thinker, a compelling writer, and a much needed voice in the world today. I was honored to have her speak to my philosophy students at Furman University and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a keynote speaker for any event where the goal is to motivate the audience to embrace change, see obstacles as opportunities to innovate, and find joy despite the realities of despair. Kate is amazing, and I am better for knowing her!" - J. Aaron Simmons, Ph.D.

J. Aaron Simmons, Ph.D., Author, Speaker, Philosophy Professor |

"As a first-time author, I feel so lucky to have found Kate Harvie. She came highly recommended by my interior book designer. She served as my copyeditor and proofreader. Kate’s work was exceptional. Herself an author, Kate is very skilled, reliable, and thoughtful beyond expectations at providing input to enhance your writing. I highly recommend her. In addition to her skills and ability to elevate your writing, she is just a LOVELY person. She is full of passion and will undoubtedly improve your writing. I hope to have her assistance with future projects." - Dr. Reza Manesh

Dr. Reza Manesh, Author, Finding Joy in Medicine and Co-Founder, |

"I was lucky enough to connect with Kate Harvie in January 2019 after hearing her appearance on SiriusXM's Karen Hunter Show. Since then, Kate and I have joined forces and presented together at Massachusetts conferences. When Kate speaks at these conferences, you can hear a pin drop, the audience is captivated by both her story and her message. I am continually inspired by Kate Harvie and her book, Believe It and Behave It: How to Restart, Reset, and Reframe Your Life, and I am a firm supporter of the book's powerful impact reaching as many people as possible." - Kristen Kocot, M.A., LMHC

Kristen Kocot, CEO/Lead Consultant, Therapeutic Behavioral

"I could talk for hours about Kate Harvie.
She is a beautiful person whose light shines to illumine everyone around her. She has a positive attitude, a love for humanity, an appreciation for her blessings, a discerning eye and quick mind; she unerringly finds the true talents of those she meets and is ready with suggestions as to how to capitalize on them. Regarding her brilliance as a businessperson, Kate has helped increased my visibility, resulting in increased interest and business, and improved my self-esteem and pride in the process. Over the past ten years, she has done wonders to help me develop brand uniqueness and visibility through improved and inspired design, engaged me in fruitful dialogue leading to more streamlined goals and advertisement, and been a source of steady encouragement and unending cheerfulness. I would recommend Ms. Harvie to anyone who could use the help of one with experience, intelligence, intuition, an open mind, and an open ear. If you need someone with vision, a person who will be cheerleader and sounding board, confidence and constructive opinion, and unrivaled amiability, you can find no better. I am very fortunate to have made her acquaintance, and grateful to have benefited from her knowledge."
- Angus Brewer (dba DJ black Angus)

DJ black

"Working with Kate Harvie is like taking a breath of fresh air. Her commitment to core values, hard work, humility, and transparency in communication neutralized all of my defenses against consultants who had taken advantage of me. Because of our work together, Barefoot Rehab's voice is attuned to connecting with our clients on the deepest level. Our clients have told us how much they respect and appreciate the level of connection to them with which we now speak. I highly recommend Kate to anyone who wants to connect with their leads and clients at the most human level." - Dr. Christopher Stepien

Barefoot Rehabilitation

"Kate is passionate, thoughtful, and generous. She helped me improve my writing process; she strengthened my writing. My blog, Life as Usual, got a shot in the arm when she agreed to help me curate my content. Her empathy and honesty leveled up the blog's intent and focus. She helped me navigate through the bad habits I had and tightened up my copy. With her eagle eye for language, spelling, and grammar she has leveled up the technical writing on my blog. She helped my content and I go from meandering to meaningful, from forced to free, from boring to bold. This is measurable, too: my web traffic has increased nearly 3x since working with Kate. I've seen my writing grow in direction and have more impact since working with her. Hire her, and watch your writing grow too." – Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas - Adam's

"Kate Harvie is not someone that works for you, she's someone who works with you. I know that our time spent together has transformed my work for the better in many ways. It's very common to find people who do brief edits and provide a couple of insights. Kate, though, will be candid and ask you questions that keep you on edge, making you truly question the purpose of your work. It's not a challenge. In fact, once forces align with Kate, it's refreshing to work with someone who cares so much. So much, in fact, that she wants to fully understand every aspect of what you're creating so her contribution will be worthwhile. I can honestly say Kate did not only that, she helped me to become a better writer." - James Wightman

James Wightman, Personal