I am a writer.

Being one is my passion.

I breathe adjectives, synonyms, and metaphors.

And I am still, after so many years in this industry, in utter awe of how we string letters and words together to create complete, breathtaking worlds.

I’m Kate. Welcome to my humble home on the wild wild web.

As a writer, editor, and journalist who makes you look like a million bucks in the online space, I’ve been at this game for 18 heart-pounding years as a marketing and branding professional. I ROCK new product launches, developing brand narratives, marketing audits, on point messaging, and positioning brands to drive growth.

Kate Harvie

Don’t know how to nudge your way into this great big web? I’ll polish your story to the highest glossiest shine that lets you see your gorgeous soul reflected in every syllable expressed for your brand, so you sparkle like the best of diamonds.

I’ll draw up magic from the depths of my heart to convey the exact emotions you want your customers to feel, giving them the paintbrush with which to paint your story in their mind’s eye.

Because that’s what this game is about: The Feels.
Mood Indigo. Mood Red Brick. Mood Alabaster White.

As a diva (Italian for “goddess”) of several skills, when I’m not making corrections with my beloved red pen, or writing for companies who know the value of passion, you’ll catch me branding startups for success, grooving to words echoing throughout the airwaves (that also happen to possess a killer rhythm), or helping amazing people on the come up tell their stories.

18 years in the industry, an estimated 19M words written (including a published book), and with approx. 15M more scratched out and reinvented, brands stories conceived, products and startups launched, means I have the experience you need to establish your place in this world. Without the need of moving Heaven nor Hell.

See, taking nothing for granted is my policy.

It’s not the breath in my body, nor shall it be the breath in yours once I’m part of your work. To rest on what’s basic counteracts the sultry sounds of Nina Simone, the powerful movements of Miles Davis, and the funky rhythms of Sade.

Leave your soul (and your brand) with me…and you will dance across the pages.