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Broken Bulbs with Alex Williamns, Appearance #2

If you know me at all, you know how much I love - and live by - Tom Waits's statement "The way you do anything is the way you do everything." This is how I roll everywhere, including where I volunteer. My second appearance on the incomparable Alex Williamns's "Broken Bulbs" - which is called Skip the Player, Not the Game - touches on what happened when I was told to stop volunteering at an organization I'd been for a while. Like he did on my previous appearance (Shredded & Shattered, which you can listen to here and on my…
Kate Harvie
May 24, 2022
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Broken Bulbs with Alex Williamns

There's no show host - or person - like Alex Williamns. I'm grateful to have guested on "Broken Bulbs" because, not only is Alex now a friend, he interviewed me exclusively about things I've learned from screw-ups, failures, and fuck ups. I'm sure I knew there were lessons from the disasters in my life. Heck. I wrote a book based on those. And I've never spoken about one of them with the clarity, and dare I say grace, that Alex drew from me. This podcast is about failures of all kinds and what was learned.  In not quite 12 minutes,…
Kate Harvie
November 23, 2021
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The Dave Pamah Show

When things go sideways, or we get really sick, we have choices. Among the choices Dave Pamah has made - when everything from cancer to the impact of the coronavirus happen - is to stay up. As a guest on "The Dave Pamah Show," he and I got into how my recovery was a series of humbles, lessons, and going old school. This former fireman has probably seen everything scary. And he exemplifies what it means to revive, restore, and activate what's really possible. If you want to watch my conversation with Dave, my appearance is on his YouTube channel.
Kate Harvie
September 28, 2021

Be Impactful with Rivky Itzkowitz

People use the words "impact" and "impactful" so often they've come to mean a great deal less than they once did. Thankfully, Rivky Itzkowitz, CEO of Impact Fashion and host of the "Be Impactful" podcast, walks the walk. I was a guest on her show, and while she's too kind and graceful to be a hard-charging investigative journalist, she asks the sort of questions - and generates the sort of answers - that only happen when you're real and thorough with those who know you best. And she and I have never met IRL. We talked about what it can…
Kate Harvie
June 14, 2021

Sunshine Steven Podcast with Steven Rice

Steven Rice. Rarely do heart, humor, and truth combine so seamlessly. During our conversation on his podcast "Sunshine Steven", somehow he extracted from me things I've certainly thought since I was hurt, and I don't know if I said them to anyone. His goal is to "bring a little sunshine to your day" and he does far more than that.
Kate Harvie
May 12, 2021