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The Dave Pamah Show

When things go sideways, or we get really sick, we have choices. Among the choices Dave Pamah has made - when everything from cancer to the impact of the coronavirus happen - is to stay up. As a guest on "The Dave Pamah Show," he and I got into how my recovery was a series of humbles, lessons, and going old school. This former fireman has probably seen everything scary. And he exemplifies what it means to revive, restore, and activate what's really possible. If you want to watch my conversation with Dave, my appearance is on his YouTube channel.
Kate Harvie
September 28, 2021
Seize the Moment PodcastMediaPodcastVideo

Seize the Moment Podcast with Alen D. Ulman and Leon Garber

To watch:To hear:Discussing some of the psychological tools of overcoming trauma, I dug deep with Alen D. Ulman and Leon Garber. We got into the importance of developing patience, gratitude, and recognition, and how learning to ask for help and having integrity develop character and self-esteem during trauma. We discussed social media’s tricky effect on focus, and how failure can be flipped.
Kate Harvie
December 9, 2020