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Isn’t Everyone Writing a Book? Why Are YOU?

By April 18, 2016One Comment

I intend for my book to be a source of actionable things that, when applied, lead to a life lived more in what I call your “happy.” I hope – no, I believe – that I can assist there by providing the literal, specific, and personal details and thoughts on what’s occurred in my life since 2/12/09.

I’m not proud of everything I did and I’m embarrassed by plenty. Here’s the truth: first I felt, and then I did.

Now I believe in a series of truths that I’ll share first by planting the seeds here.

“Self-help” is a term that, if memory serves, came up in the 80’s. While that is indeed what books on wellness and health purport to teach, I personally shy away from literature that lacks actionable things, tactics for how to do those things, and a truly personal voice – or flavor – underscoring what’s written.

You’ll get a lot of my voice here and by this, I mean my truest and most candid voice. It is with these vocals that I mean to assist people.

See you soon.


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