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Make the World Better: Be Yourself.

By October 7, 2012December 3rd, 2020No Comments

Top of the fourth quarter, 2012. Lots of intense things going on around the globe. Some we can change and some we cannot. That’s challenging for everyone be they problem solvers, solution providers, caring witnesses, those caught in the experience, and anyone observing.

And to make your life – and the lives of those around you (which will have a ripple effect on communities, villages, and populations) – happier and more livable, apply what’s below here. While I do not stand as an expert on anything related to this, I know what I know.

Being who you are with ease and honor is underscored by these four things:

1) Ask for what you need.

This includes everything from needing Lactaid for your coffee because you’re lactose intolerant to asking people to call you when they get home because you care. Matters not why you need it. You need it. And you are better off by seeking this instead of suffering in silence. People are not psychic (at least none that I know) and they would rather do their part to get you healthy, happy, and true. Trust that. Believe it.

2) For work, do what you want. Rather, be who you want.

Check this: you majored in something as an undergrad. You went to grad school for something else. You joined a family-owned business. You worked in an industry for a decade. And you want nothing to do with any of those things. News: you will provide more, make a difference, contribute greater, stand as a stronger role model, and be happier when you have a job that you love. There is no absolutely no shame in this. Speaking as someone who has been on this path (and continues on it) the world needs you to be God honest about this. Costs very little and everyone (globally) benefits, especially you.

3) Be inspired by those you admire. Without apology.

Each of us is encouraged, motivated, and brightened by different people. And that’s how things should be. Just as the best burger you’ve ever eaten can be from a local dive (Swenson’s in case you were wondering) and not from an establishment known for its decor and luxury pricing, we find our spark from anyone. And that’s beautiful. It keeps our world interesting.

Personally, my light shines brighter thanks to Daniel Milnor, Chris Guillebeau, Robin Thicke, Andrew Byrne, Danielle LaPorte, Scott Stratten, Mastin Kipp, and Iyanla Vanzant to name a few.

I don’t know where I would be without Mikala, Josh, Lisa, Hanif, Dave, Aileen, James, Corinne, Laura, Eugene, Asia, and more friends who’d lay on train tracks for me as I would for them. Whoever the people and wherever the places are for you, be glad to know them. Share the inspirations they provide you with others.

4) Express love. Without holding back.

Beyond the people you love who love you, sharing your appreciation with those who make your life better is an everyday…hmm…not an everyday task and not an obligation. It’s an everyday joyful responsibility. The person who makes an impeccable martini at your local bar. The person who holds the door for you. The person who let you know that you had spinach in your front teeth at the restaurant where you were on a date with someone so your big smiles looked like they were made with green Chiclets (ask me about this).

Look someone in the eyes. Smile. Say “thank you,” “you’re awesome,” “I love you,” something clever and grateful and meaningful. Easy to do, costs nothing, everyone benefits.

On this and on these, please comment, share, and remind yourself every day and twice on Sunday that the world is ours to make great. And we can do that by being ourselves.

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