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Soul Wealth Radio with Dr. Vikki Johnson

By March 25, 2021No Comments

Dr. Vikki Johnson is a polymath, a multipotentialite, and whatever we call someone who does several things well, and simultaneously. She invited me to be a guest on Soul Wealth Radio, her show that airs every weekday at 10am EST. Vikki is a dear friend, and a mentor, and in 30 minutes, we got into what’s at the core and what’s in the heart. Sure, there’s some overlap, and they do co-exist more than they overwrite. I felt heard and (not that I was looking for it) healed. Wherever you live in the world, catch her program, and the other truly righteous shows, on DC Radio 96.3 HD4, and Soul Wealth Radio appears on-demand via all podcast platforms. Definitely learn more about Vikki, her books, and the movement, community, and family she has created with Soul Wealth.

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