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Isn’t Everyone Writing a Book? Why Are YOU?

I intend for my book to be a source of actionable things that, when applied, lead to a life lived more in what I call your "happy." I hope - no, I believe - that I can assist there by providing the literal, specific, and personal details and thoughts on what's occurred in my life since 2/12/09. I'm not proud of everything I did and I'm embarrassed by plenty. Here's the truth: first I felt, and then I did. Now I believe in a series of truths that I'll share first by planting the seeds here. "Self-help" is a term that, if…
Kate Harvie
April 18, 2016
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WDS: Where You Go to Find, Learn, Celebrate & Act – World Domination Summit 2014

A few years ago, my close friend (and once my boss) Tim told me about The Art of Non-Conformity, Chris Guillebeau's first book. And what a gift that telling me was. As I read this empathetic, active manual I learned about Chris, his process, projects and community. I knew that he was one of the people I refer to as an angel in people's clothing. And he displays this perfectly just by being who he is at World Domination Summit. World Domination Summit (aka WDS) is, in brief, an experience rooted in Community, Adventure and Service (capitals intended) for those…
Kate Harvie
July 22, 2014