Founded in 2003 by jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald, BeautyNews NYC is the first online beauty magazine. Since 2011, the mag has been edited and published by BK Taylor and Candice Sabatini. Check it out.

Initially I wrote about beauty, interviewing brand founders and celebrity artists, reviewing products, and advising on technique. I’ve then moved into covering events, local businesses, and lifestyle. Cosmetics being the industry it is, what you read here (my tenure having begun in 2006) may not be available, in business, or formulated the way it was when the article was written. Other than that disclaimer, I hope you’ll take a look through these stories about exceptional people and products. My full roster is available to read on https://www.beautynewsnyc.com/author/kate-harvie/.  Enjoy.


BeautyNews NYC Articles


BeautyNews NYC

What I Did

Wrote features, conducted interviews

Feed the Beat: Sweet Treats Play Headliners at Confections of a Rock $tar

Scents in the City: Luxury on Lafayette Street – LAFCO’s New York Flagship

Jay Manuel: In Control with Manual Override

Bold, Balanced Beauty: An Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Nick Barose

City Winery: Tune Taking and Winemaking

Exfoliation Excellence: An Easy Resolution to Keep

Jason Ascher – Champion of Chantecaille – Enhances Beauty at Barneys

Skin Alison Raffaele: The Right Formulation Provides Inspiration

Start Fresh, Start Clean: How to Clean, When to Toss

Flirtation, Flavor, and Fun: Pamela Morgan’s Cooking Class Party

Global Beauty is Universal in its Appeal – Shalini Vadhera and Global Goddess Beauty

Finding Foundation: More Fun This Fall