L.M. Durand is a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, and a writer. She possesses what is, to me, the secret sauce in life: empathy. While she writes her first book (YA Fantasy Fiction), she inspires and provides other writers (and writers-in-the-making) with web content that is informative, personal, thought-provoking, and most importantly, actionable.

Tip of the hat to L.M. for providing a place and a space, and building a community for writers.

She asked me to write my first guest post in November 2016 and the articles appearing here were initially published on her website (12/7/16, 2/1/17).

We are stronger together, particularly when those of us in the startup, small biz, creative, and writing communities collaborate with and support one another.

Please read this, check out L.M.’s website, and share what you feel with your circles.




L.M. Durand

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