The Phat Startup (TPS) was an integrated media company that produced premium content for all levels of entrepreneurs. Its founders and team were inspired by and fused The Lean Startup methodology, Hip Hop culture, and entrepreneurial leadership. For 2015 and into 2016, I managed content and community.

Known as a leader and an advocate for millennials and minorities, TPS created the term “boss up” and lived by the concept, bringing the hashtag #bossup to life. It pioneered the incredible event Tech808.

The company dissolved in early 2016.

2015 was an awesome year for a few reasons, and one of those was my opportunity to edit, write and ghost write on The Phat Startup’s content page.

Programs, events, and interviews were full of thought leaders, uplevelers, and vanguards.  I couldn’t help but be inspired.




The Phat Startup

What I Did

Content and Community Manager

Using HBO’s “The Wire” as a Business Model w/Dan Porter

Hack The Music Industry Like A Boss – Jesse Kirshbaum @ #tech808 Nyc

Create Your Startup’s Soundtrack: Ask Why & How

How to Create True Partnerships Ft Brian Watson

Startup Hangout: Recipe for a $100 Million Startup W/ Nicholas Seet

Build Something, Create It, Prove It Out – Joah Spearman @ #tech808 Nyc ’14

Power Doesn’t Give Up Easily; You Have To Take It Ft Reshma Saujani

Get From 0 – 1000 the Right Way – Tanya Menendez @ Tech808 NYC

How to Flip Failure to Make Startup Success Ft. Nihal Mehta

Startup Hangout – Ameer Sami, Founder of Ottomate

Fail Forward To #bossup Ft Rakia Reynolds

Like ‘em? Not Really. Learn From ‘em? Always.

Learn How to Create Art and Get Paid Ft Young Guru @ #tech808 NYC

Hustlers’ Spirit Makes Nothing Into Something Ft Dwight Peters

Succeed by Being Human Ft Nathalie Molina Niño