Broken Bulbs with Alex Williamns

By November 23, 2021November 24th, 2021No Comments

There’s no show host – or person – like Alex Williamns. I’m grateful to have guested on “Broken Bulbs” because, not only is Alex now a friend, he interviewed me exclusively about things I’ve learned from screw-ups, failures, and fuck ups. I’m sure I knew there were lessons from the disasters in my life. Heck. I wrote a book based on those. And I’ve never spoken about one of them with the clarity, and dare I say grace, that Alex drew from me.

This podcast is about failures of all kinds and what was learned.  In not quite 12 minutes, school is in session. Give our convo a listen, support Alex on Patreon, and hear his vast and amazing “Broken Bulbs” series on MeCHoRadio.

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