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Kate Harvie


The BBC Rules, evidenced by “The Office”

W hen I was living in St. Louis, I started seeing a lot of articles on "The Office," a pseudo-documentary program that ran for two seasons on the BBC. It goes without saying that I have maybe too much fondness for all things British. I bought the first season as a lark, thinking that it would be something akin to the very funny movie "Office Space:" "Somebody's got a case of the Mondays!" I write this today, the release date of "The Office Christmas Special," which ties up all loose ends for the characters at paper company Wernham Hogg in…
Kate Harvie
November 16, 2004

Alfie – A Revamp as Much as a Remake

S ince I no longer have a movie review gig, I figured why not review the movies I see anyway and I don't have to let anyone read them if I don't want to. So... "Alfie" remade, while not "Alfie" reborn, is worth a gander. It's safe to say that Jude Law is probably the only actor alive today who is so sexy while being such a dandy. He is imminently watchable in all things, the movie's success is dependent upon him. That being said, he's got a lot to do. The movie is something of a roller coaster and…
Kate Harvie
November 14, 2004